Tuckamore Custom Knives




I have spent the majority of my life in wild places doing wild things. I want to share that passion with you and bring my experience as a falconer, hunter, forager, farrier and blade smith to the knives and tools I make. I only make knives that I would keep and use myself.  A good tool should feel like an extension of the hand.

Tuckamore knives are made from precision ground, 01 tool steel (other steels are available by special request.) It is my desire to make knives and tools that will out last me. I want them to become a family heirloom. Each knife is individually handmade with heart. I get to know my customers so that I can create a tool that is individually tailored for them. 

Tuckamore ~  It's the term for the small evergreen trees that grow and flourish on the Newfoundland coast line despite harsh conditions and unforeseen obstacles that try to stand in their way: unforgiving opponents like wind, rain, snow and sleet. A Tuckamore is known for its resiliency and adaptability and its ability to survive under tough circumstance.

Out of adversity springs great beauty. Inspire and be inspired. 

Handmade, Hardmade in the USA.

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