Back To School ~Shop Update...As Of July 22nd.

First, let me thank everyone for their continued interest and support of my work. My Order Book has been closed for a number of months and I’m dilegently working on Orders. Things have been hectic at Tuckamore to say the least. My doc has cleared me with my injury’s from two years ago and although I still need major surgery in the next couple years I can continue what I’m doing. Horses and Horseshoeing however is over...My wife is in her second year of Nursing School and is working part time at the hospital. My middle son is recovering greatly from brain surgery in December and all is looking positive. He is now mentoring at the local Fire Dept and wants to be a First Responder. Due to the increased bills from his surgery and the fact that we, as a five member family, have been solely living off the income of knife sales for the last two years along with trying to grow the business at the same time has caused an immense amount of stress to build that it is now starting to have negative affects on myself and my family. I’ve decided the best thing to do at present is to go back to school and finish my welding degree at night. this will begin on July 22nd. I will also be working a full time job during the day. All Custom Orders will continue to be worked on in order of their position in my Books on the WEEKENDS ONLY. All Orders will be completed this year. I will also continue to have available knives each month in the Website Shop. In order to continue and grow Tuckamore I need cash flow and so this is what I’m doing to assure that growth. Thank you for your time, understanding and continued support. Have an awesome week all!

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