Monday InThe Shop!…

I hope your summer is turning out the way you’ve planned it and if not I hope it’s turned into an awesome adventure! There are still a few Patriot Tomahawks available for pre-purchase but they are selling and I expect this run to be sold out soon. The Patriots will be shipping sooner than planned also, so you won’t have to wait as long. Although it’s hot, humid and close to 100 each day I’m still working on orders, prototypes and new ideas! I’ll be offering something real new soon, for those that are interested, the opportunity to custom order my “Western/Cowboy” style knives with hand carved antler handles that will be in the shapes of Bears, Rattlesnake, Octopus and maybe even a Dragon! More details coming…for now here’s a pic of a Bears head I’m just finishing up. Enjoy! Cheers, David

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