Tuckamore Website is Up!…

It’s officia! I have finally finished revamping the old website and upgraded it. Thank you all for your patience in endeavor. It’s been up since Saturday but I’ve been making sure things are working, my spelling is correct and all the links are working. Some new additions to the website include a little more History and background on me and Tuckamore, a “Gallery of Handmade” page that shares many of the creations I’ve made over the last 10 years, a few extra pics of Florida(where I live) and a “Custom Knife” order page where there is a basic custom order and then there is also a Super Custom that can be ordered where the sky’s the limit on what is possible. I also have a Shop page for “Available Knives and More” that I make each month. I hope that you find the new website easy to navigate and use. Enjoy! Cheers~David

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