Visiting Florida & The Treasure Coast…

Just wanted to share a day off for me and two of my kidos. I don’t have many days off but when I do I like to explore this Florida of ours…this past Sunday my son, daughter and I along with a metal detector drove two and half hours to the Treasure Coast of Florida. This is the area on the eastern side of Florida known for the ship wrecks of the 1715 fleet-12 ships heading to Spain. 11 of the 12 ran aground on the reef 200 feet or so from the shore line. Over the years five of the ships have been found. Everyday something is found from the wrecks. Very exciting to say the least…after 5 hours of beach walking we found lots of trash but we also found two treasures a 10k gold ring my daughter found and a Susan B Anthony dollar my son found. Neither were from the 1715 fleet but still pretty cool. We did stop in the local Treasure Museum that is close to the beach and a close up view of some of the cool treasures that have been found from the 1715 fleet. We will return next month and try again. Maybe even camp out over night…bring a few Tuckamore tools and fishing lures for testing…we will see. Cheers, David🤘🏻🇺🇸

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