“Constantine”~ This is an original, one of a kind, handmade steel sculpture. Signed/dated/numbered. Since my childhood, living in Australia, seeing schools of the Great Barracuda I have always been in awe of them. With their powerful presence, prehistoric almost dinosaur look I find them captivating.  Nature’s primal predator of the ocean. In this sculpture I’ve tried to capture the Barracudas presence or essence of patience, waiting and watching for their prey. In this case the Barracudas prey is hiding under the reef, hoping not to be seen! Who will make the first move...or last? Made from mild steel, stainless steel, brass, copper and wood. The finish is a patina of colors applied by heating the steel directly then covering with wax. After it cooled the sculpture was buffed. The base and stand are included. 
•Overall length/width~ Approximately 3’.
•Overal height~ Approximately 4’. 
•Deep~ Approximately 10”.

**This piece includes delivery, anywhere in Florida, at no extra charge.**
**Shipping outside of Florida, and only in the conus, is an extra charge. Depending on destination.**
**There are no refunds or returns on custom made items.**

“Constantine” (Barracuda with hiding fish.)