Prototype number III. This is the final prototype for the Tuckamore Barracuda Sashimi Knife. The only one to be hand forged. She has an awesome cutting side with hammer mark, left in the steel, blended into a flat bevel to a final convex cutting edge. The back side of this blade has a center hollow grind that allows the fish/meat fall away from the blade easily when slicing. The handle is a beautiful block of Chittum Burl and Blue acrylic. The blade is anchored buy a two part epoxy and a single brass pin. Designed and made for years of use. The overall length of the Barracuda Sashimi Knife is approximately 16” with a 10 1/4” live blade.
**To clean the blade after use:- Use warm water and soap. Hand dry and then apply a thin layer of mineral oil over exposed steel areas. 

**There are no refunds or returns on custom made items.
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**Please remember to keep a thin covering of mineral oil or other knife oil on the exposed steel when not in use. This will prevent rust build up over non use time.

Hand Forged Barracuda Sashimi prototype


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