The Crackejack was one of the first field knives for Tuckamore. This is a new version of that first idea. The Crackerjack Bushcrafter Light. I humbly believe that a Bushcrafter knife is a better knife with a flat to convex bevel. A stronger bladed knife and an easier knife to sharpen in the field. Traditionally a Bushcrafter has a Scandi bevel. These are the smallest of the Tuckamore Bushcrafter Knives. Each is hand forged aged and antiqued along with a hand shaped/contoured and fitted unique set of Hardwood Burl handles and brass pins. I hope you like them. 
*Overall Length~Approximately 7 1/2”.
*Weight~ Approximately 5.5oz/160g
*Blade Length~Approximately 3 3/4”.
*Steel~3/16” O1 tool steel, 59-61rwh. 
*Handle Material~Select Amboyna Burl and g10 red liners. 

**Please remember to keep a thin covering of mineral oil or other knife oil on the exposed steel when not in use. This will prevent rust build up over non use time.

**There are no refunds or returns on custom made knives.
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Hand Forged Crackerjack Bushcrafter