My first Tuckamore Hand Forged custom Tanto- I’m very stoked with this custom Tanto. The hand forging and precise heat treating of this one of a kind beauty took me nearly two weeks to dial in and finally be satisfied with. The process of aging, antiquing and patina are wicked-awesome and took approximately the same amount of time. Choosing the handle material was the easiest for me but finding the pattern was tricky and more expensive than expected. Hand made Crazy Fiber handles are truly unique with each set and are painstakingly created from various synthetic and fabric materials. Depending on the way the material is cut creates different patterns. All the mosaic pins are also handmade along with the smaller 1/8” brass/copper pins. The handles are attached with a professional high temp/flexible two part resin, similar to the resins used in the marine industry. The steel finish has been extended/replicated into the handle on the g10 black liner-creating a stippling affect. She comes with a hand cut/stitched leather cross/Scout carry sheath and a handmade bronze Octopus bead. 
•Steel~precision ground o1 tool steel starting at 3/16” thick before forging. 
•Heat Treat~a process involving heating to specific temperatures before shaping/forging the steel and then multiple Normalization sessions in the furnace until the steel has released all stress from the forging process. Then the actual heat treating to Rockwell Hardness which takes anywhere from 3-5 hours. 
•Overall Length~11 1/2”.
•Live Blade Length~approximately 6”.
•Handle Material~ Handmade Crazy Fiber unique. 
•Liner’s~ Black g10. 
•Hardware~Handmade mosaic pins and two metal pins, Brass/Copper.

**There are no refunds or returns on pre-orders or custom made items. 
**Shipping is calculated in Check-Out.
**Please remember to keep a thin covering of mineral oil or other knife oil on the exposed steel when not in use. Do not store for long periods of time in a sheath. This will prevent rust build up over non use time.

Hand Forged Tanto w/Leather Sheath and Octopus Bead