**This is a Pre-Order/pre-purchase that will be shipped the first week of December or before. This is the official first run of the Limited Edition Tuckamore Pocket Rhino friction folder. Only 12 will be made on this run.**

The Limited Edition Tuckamore Pocket Rhino friction folder first run is here! This wicked~awesome pocket friction folder has been in the works for a few years and is finally on the bench. Each Pocket Rhino will be handmade~ cut out, or hand forged and shaped, profiled, drilled, heat treated, aged and antiqued. Hand fitted with Titanium, Copper, Stainless Steel and aluminum hardware. The handle on the pocket clip side will be black linen micarta and the handle on the opposite side will be one of a few choices given to  the purchaser. Each will have a genuine American Buffalo Nickel, from the 1930’s, inserted into handle. Each will have a custom handmade Bronze Rhino bead with custom lanyard. Each Rhino will have a custom titanium pocket clip on the black linen micarta side. Each Rhino will come with a custom limited pocket Rhino magnet decal, 1020 Pelican clear case and card of Limited Edition Run Authenticity. After your purchase I will reach out to you with a few questions regarding- heads or tales showing with inserted Buffalo Nickel and you’ll have a few choices for the left sided handle material. This info will be noted on your order. 
•Overall Length~
•Folded Length~
•Blade Length~
•Bevel~ Flat to convex chisel grind.
•Steel~ Precision ground o1 tool steel. 59-60rwh. Aged, antiqued, stonewashed finish. 
•Handle Material~ Mixed.
•Hardware~Titanium, copper, stainless steel and aluminum. 
•Tuckamore Pocket Rhino magnet 
•Pelican clear case
•Card of Authenticity 
•Lanyard Bead and lanyard

**There are no refunds or returns on pre-orders or custom made items. 
**Shipping is calculated in Check-Out.
**Please remember to keep a thin covering of mineral oil or other knife oil on the exposed steel when not in use. Do not store for long periods of time in a sheath. This will prevent rust build up over non use time.

Limited Edition Tuckamore Pocket Rhino friction folder