**Please read before purchasing. The Tuckamore Sika Skinner is now available for Order. There is a six to eight week turnaround time for this knife.** 

New for 2020 this Tuckamore Sika caper/skinner is an awesome ultra light edc knife for the bowhunter, Gun Hunter, muzzle loader and Falconer. Inspired by my teenage years growing up on the Eastern Shore of Virginia. Hunting and fishing the marshes and Chesapeake Bay. Occasionally we would hear, see or stumble into the beautiful little Sika Deer.

sika deer	(Cervus nippon nippon)
This species is small to medium sized with a chestnut brown to reddish-olive coat with numerous white spots occurring in 7-8 rows on the upper sides. The mid-dorsal area is darker and forms a line from the head to the rump. A white rump patch ringed with a dark stripe is present. The chin, throat, and belly are cream to light gray, and both sexes have a dark neck mane in the winter. The males have antlers which are narrow and stand erect with 2-5 points per antler. The total length is 1,357/1,254 mm, the height of the shoulder is 759/692 and dressed body weight is (kg) 32.7/26. The rut begins in late September, with the peak of activity in October with calving occurring in May and June. One calf per female is generally produced each year. Sika deer are polygamous with up to 1 male to 12 females. When alarmed, sika display the large white rump patch and vocalize a series of chirp-like sounds. During the breeding season, males utter a sound similar to a human scream usually at night. In Maryland, the population is expanding at about 0.8 km per year, but appears stable in Virginia.

These Sika knives are Custom with their Hunter Orange g10 liners and Black linen micarta handles. Weighing approximately 4.7oz and made of precision ground o1 tool steel that has been heat treated to a Rockwell of 59-60. The handles are durable g10 in Hunter Orange with Brass hardware. The bevel is flat to a micro polished convex and she’s very sharp. Paracord lanyard with g10 bead come with her. The handle is contoured for the hand and makes caping and skinning an easy task. A custom leather sheath is available for an additional price from Don Gamber or Lone Elk Leatherworks. 
Steel~ O1 tool steel. 
Hardness~ 59-60rwh.
Bevel~ Flat to polished convex. 
Thickness~ 1/8”.
Overall length~ approximately 8 1/4”.
Blade length~ approximately 4”.

**includes Priority shipping in the conus only. There are no refunds or returns on custom made knives.”

Sika~ custom


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