Tuckamore Tahr Skinner- Inspired by the 1800’s frontiersman, trappers and skinners. Also, Brian Call and Ryan Lampers of Gritty Bowman and there Epic hunt in New Zealand for the Tahr. You can see it here. https://youtu.be/k8vKC_0muyc This little “scalpel” is nible, light and super sharp. I would use this on hogs, deer, pronghorn, etc. I’d even EDC her, just an awesome little knife in hand that will stand the test of time. Unique in finish and character the Tuckamore Tahr. On the spine something new-non-aggressive jimping for that extra little bit of “hold” when needed. Signed and dated with a Diamond burr. All edges are smooth or rounded except the cutting edge!
•Steel~Precision ground o1 tool steel. Stock removal by hand. 
•Hardness~ 59-60rwh. 
•Overall length~ Approximately 7 1/8”. 
•Blade~ Approximately 3”. •Thickness~ 3/16” 
•Handle Material- Heavy Cowboy Red Burlap Micarta. 
•Hardware~ handmade brass/copper mosaic pins. 

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Tahr Skinner