The full size Tin Lizzie is a Tuckamore classic...New for 2021 this is the smaller version at 7 1/2” Overall. She makes for a perfect EDC companion and with a 3” blade perfect for daily use. Each is unique in blade style and handle. All are handmade using the technique of Stock Removal. The steel finish is sand blasted and gun blued. With use the gun blue may where off and or patina with age. As with all Tuckamore knives I recommend covering all exposed steel with a thin layer of mineral oil or other knife oil. All my knives are made to be used and passed on from one generation to the next. Enjoy! Cheers-David
•Overall Length~Approximately 7 1/2”.
•Blade Length ~Approximately 3”.
•Thickness~ 3/16”.
•Width~Approximately 1 1/4”.
•Steel Finish~Aged/sand blasted and gun blued. 
•Handles~Authentic Vintage Honey Canvas Micarta. 
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Tin Lizzie 7.5” Vintage Honey Canvas Micarta.